Multi-Swap Aggregator
We released a DeFi-first multi-swap aggregator on that allows users to view & trade on 100+ different DEXes simultaneously on token swap "modules" that can be added, customized, & organized. Currently, we have aggregated the Harmony $ONE ecosystem and plan to expand to all EVM compatible chains.
Modules A module is one swap A->B interface with a dropdown list of every DEX on a given EVM-compatible ecosystem. Users can add over 100 modules on a single page by clicking the static "Add Module" button on top of the page, and each module can have different DEXes or tokens selected.
Example of a single module with no DEXes or tokens selected

Module Features

As shown above and below - each module is equipped with the basics most DeFi users are accustomed to when swapping on a DEX; 50%/Max token allocation, Slippage pre-sets/customization, and Multi-hop toggling.
4 Modules opened with 4 different tokens selected

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