Quality of Life Benefits


Even with 75 swaps open at once, MtopSwap runs much leaner and faster than what users are accustomed to. Many projects simply fork the Sushiswap front-end code, which has 100,000+ lines of code. Our front-end, custom built from scratch, has just a fraction of the amount of code compared to Sushiswap/other common forks and is heavily optimized for speed and end-user experience. No music, no animations, and no large images for the page to load.

Max Leaves 1

Clicking "max" will leave enough gas tokens left in your available balance for another transaction, eliminating a common mistake in DeFi where users accidentally trade 100% of their available tokens and don't have enough gas for additional transactions. Many users have to use faucets to enable trading again.

Transaction Notifications

Hidden but useful notifications in the lower left of the screen as shown below at all stages:
Transaction Initiated.
Transaction confirmed in Metamask and in progress. Swap module itself displays the trade also, which is useful when users have multiple swaps open simultaneously.
Transaction Confirmed.