Subscription NFTs
Users will get a 1-week free trial to all current software.
To access our tools after this period, users can subscribe to our services by navigating to the website and minting a 30, 90, or 360 day Subscription NFT using a combination/dual mint of 50% $MTOP and 50% $ONE.
Note: the $X $MTOP / $X $ONE will NOT be an LP pair, but rather a duel token mint.
MtopSwap Subscription NFTs have a mint timestamp in their metadata, which is then read by a custom web2 plugin that determines if the subscription is still valid. The NFT expires (but is not burned) after the chosen time period and users can choose to renew the following month if they found our software useful.
This recurring subscription model is extremely unique in the blockchain space, and will incentivize repeat visitors and direct utility for $MTOP with the goal of becoming a self-sustaining organization via the usefulness of our proprietary software.
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