About the Founder

MtopSwap was founded by me, Mtop (HarmonyWon#8073 on Discord). My credentials are not impressive in a corporate sense. I was a professional piano player and graphic designer for a b2b firm, and one thing those have in common is creating.
I entered the Harmony ecosystem February 2021 and became addicted to the Wild West that is DeFi - more importantly, I saw the opportunities Blockchain Technology can bring to the world. It felt like the Internet in 1990, where the technology seems "magical", undeveloped, and relatively unknown.
After quitting my full-time job Setember 2021, I took what I identified as "missing" in DeFi from my time trading and decided to fill the gaps myself by creating MtopSwap.

About the Team

Our team, community managers, and mods are a network of DeFi project/day-trading friends who have worked on various projects together. Some are friends of friends with specific experience or long relationships. They are of various backgrounds - Harmony community leaders & validators, IT architecture, graphic designers, front-end developers for Fortune 500 companies, system and process engineers, and full-stack web3 experience.
As longtime day traders, degens, and Harmony/DeFi community members, we are keen to what's working and what's not in the DeFi space and plan to use our experience to fill any gaps while developing useful software. You can read more details about them here!