Future Revenue Sources

Subscription NFT Whitelabeling

We developed a custom web2 plugin that reads timestamp metadata from our Subscription NFTs smart contracts. This system emulates a well-known and successful monthly recurring revenue model that can be whitelabeled by any project on any EVM-compatible chain.

Price Feed API

Our price charts will not use a simple Dexscreener or Trading View embed. MtopSwap will develop our own price feeds from scratch, and will be able to chart for APIs as a service to other projects.

Prioritized DEX Listings

DEXes or tokens that sponsor this service will be shown first by default when adding a new module.
Since we put so much development into recreating the Sushiswap frontend and made a world-first multiswap aggregator that allows for 50+ simultaneous DEXes and token swapping, some projects may want to use this for their