Harmony Grant

We have received milestones for a $75,000 Harmony Grant, linked here:
This process also included a community Snapshot using $ONE for voting. The snapshot ended July 1st with 126 unique wallets participating & over 1,600,000 $ONE for "yes", or 99.6% of total votes:
In total, we have received $20,000 from Harmony Foundation, which we have moved to our Polygon Multisig. All transactions for these monies are transparently posted in our #txn-treasury channel in Discord


  • $10k upon feature-complete testnet with 100 users + video demo
  • $10k upon mainnet + audit + dappradar + opensource
  • $35k as liquidity to LP pair for 6-month after mainnet launch with audit, dAppRadar, opensource
  • $10k upon 1K DAU (daily active user)
  • $10k upon $50M TVL