Smart Contract Information

Subscription NFT Contract

Description Has 4 tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond. Users can pay MTOP & ONE to mint and receive an NFT. Buying an NFT allows the user to access MtopSwap's software. The USD price & subscription duration increases with the tier.
The owner of the contract can gift the NFT to users. Diamond tier has the same duration as Gold, but can't be minted by the user - only gifted by the owner.
$ONE and $MTOP amounts total to a certain USD sum.

$ONE/USD Price Oracle

Description Retreives $ONE price in USD from ChainLink.

$MTOP/USD Price Oracle

Description Combines price from $ONE USD & $MTOP ONE liquidity pool reserves to calculate the $MTOP USD price.

Intermediary Contract

Description An interface between the real DEX's router & MtopSwap. This allows dAppRadar to track swaps that come from MtopSwap and will eventually charge users .25% transaction fees once we migrate away from Harmony ONE and toward